QA Policy

HAROON BROTHERS & Co Senior Management has set up a target to be amongst the best leading companies within the construction industry
by enhancing and retaining client satisfaction. To achieve the target Senior Management has committed to ensure theccompliance reverence to applicable legal regulations and client requirements at all projects and service areas. All staff is required to meet or exceed applicable legal regulations, client requirements, quality compliance and progressively maintain the standard level of operation.

HAROON BROTHERS & Co Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001, will be the baseline.
Quality will not be compromised. All department managers and staff are responsible for prompt proper planning, implementation and monitoring the
performance compliance to attain and retain the target.

HAROON BROTHERS & Co Senior Management will evaluate the effectiveness of overall performance during management review and consistently seek
opportunities for further improvement to ensure continuing suitability of quality management system. Senior Management will provide proper leadership,
required resources and necessary support to enhance all efforts made by the management team to maintain best level of client satisfaction
Chief Executive Officer
Date : 01 July, 2019